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Local High Velocity HVAC Service

High velocity heating and cooling systems are systems that utilize smaller ductwork that allows for much greater airflow. This type of system is very desirable because of better energy efficiency and the ease of providing the preferred temperatures in your living space in a short period of time. Also, the installation of narrow and flexible ductwork is much easier to install compared to traditional ductwork installations. The narrow and flexible ducts can be snaked through different obstacles in your home. It’s a great idea to go for such an HVAC upgrade if you are renovating, have an old home with shoddy ductwork, or you just want an improved HVAC system with much better energy efficiency.

High Velocity HVAC Services from Highlands Quality Climate Control

Highlands Quality Climate Control specializes in high velocity heating and cooling installations and maintenance. When you get your installation done through us, we guarantee your new ductwork will be sealed properly and insulated for quiet operation and big energy savings. You’ll find that high velocity ducts don’t have too much dust build-up because the air moves at such a rapid pace, so you don’t require nearly as much maintenance compared to traditional duct systems. You’ll also be able to appreciate increased dehumidification with high velocity HVAC systems.

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If you’re in Ligonier, Bolivar, Stahlstown, Loyalhanna, Derry, Latrobe, New Derry, Boswell, Johnstown, Acme, and Mount Pleasant, PA and want to learn more about high velocity heating and AC systems, make sure to call Highlands Quality Climate Control at (724) 238-6889. We’re happy to answer all your questions, offer you a free quote, and give you a quality installation!

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High Velocity HVAC Repair, High Velocity HVAC Service, High Velocity HVAC Maintenance & High Velocity HVAC Installation Derry, PA, Johnstown, PA, Latrobe, PA, Ligonier, PA, Loyalhanna, PA & New Derry, PA

High Velocity HVAC Installation in Derry, PA | High Velocity HVAC Service Johnstown, PA | High Velocity HVAC Repair Latrobe, PA

High Velocity HVAC ServiceHigh Velocity HVAC InstallationHigh Velocity HVAC RepairHigh Velocity HVAC Maintenance ∴ Loyalhanna, PA ∴ Ligonier, PA ∴ Derry, PA

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My furnace acts up every year and they always come out and get it working again the day I call.

Will E

Our well’s foot valve had broken so we gave them a call. Fred and Jeremy came out and diagnosed the issue and walked me through the whole process. The next day they came by exactly on time and pulled the well, the frostless manual pump, verified the issue, then replaced the pump and valve all in less than 3 hours. Highly recommend them- excellent service and great guys.

Zack Z

Jerome, PA

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Pleasant Unity, PA

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